Sketchup manifold not working

sketchup manifold not working. i need to use slicer but manifold solid is not working. can you guys please help??? can someone solve and upload it? i would be grateful.
A$C3D8E64B1.dwg (1.9 MB)
123.skp (10.4 MB)

What exactly do you expect to be a solid manifold for slicer?

(the dwg file is poorly drawn)

i have uploaded simpler version. i need to work on contours.can you please check the file above

Solid Group using Fredo TopoShaper

Solid Group from guide points and from contours

or you can use Eneroth Terrain Volume.

I used Toposhaper and color by altitude from Fredo.

123.skp (5.1 MB)

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thank you for your help but topo shaper is not working and showing error. i have attached the pic.

than you so much for you help. i appreciate. but i used toposhaper but it shows some error . please see the pic

For those who want to learn to import a dwg file, prepare it to use Fredo TopoShaper and create the 3D model of the terrain and make it a Solid Group (ready to 3D print)


Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate your guidance. Have a good day.