SketchUp Live: A Few of Our Favorite Extensions

If there’s anything we like as much as SketchUp, it’s the extensions that our community of developers create and share. Tune into our Facebook page on Thursday, February 22 at 2 PM MST as Josh & Aaron show us a few of their favorites! And just for fun, the models they’ll be using have one common theme we’re pretty excited about…


I’m guessing beach theme.

I haven’t made it to one of these Live things before, and when I try now I just get the poster image you showed. Is there something I need to do to see video?

Never mind, a LIVE thing appeared next to the Videos link on the left. Just going to the page isn’t enough to see the live broadcast.

There is a sidebar on the left, and there should be a button for video.

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Thanks, I spotted it eventually! Had to switch to Chrome to get sound.

Thanks for tuning in! I’ll post the video here as soon as possible.

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