SketchUp, Kerkythea and editing KT materials inside SU

It seems to me that if I import a KT material into SU, create a new material from it, change something, and export my model to KT, the only thing that has changed is the name of the material.

Am I correct in presuming that if I want to edit a KT material I must edit it inside KT, rename and save it to a library, import it into SU and then only use it.

I will be editing/exporting often, so I can’t edit the materials every time after exporting.

I’m not sure that ever worked the way you expect and it may be that SU2KT needs some attention. It would be a good idea to get on the KT forum and ask about it. I’ve been using KT for more than 12 years and have never found a need to edit the KT materials in SketchUp so it hasn’t been a problem for me.

As far as I can tell the KT forums are not monitored by anyone, all posts seem to be more than 6 months old.

Here is my situation: I need a plasticky material. KT has Basic Plastics. They are all red. I need white. What do I do? If I edit and export my model 5 times a day I can’t edit the materials inside KT every time. All 30 odd of them. They must already be correct when I export.

Edit the color of the material in Kerkythea’s editor and save it back to the plastic materials. No need to really involve SketchUp’s materials editor at all.

Apply the plastic material to one of the materials in the Scene Materials pane. Right click on the material and choose Edit.

select #0[Matte/Phong], click on the orange or red square by Diffuse and edit it to the color you want.

Click Accept and then at the bottom of the Materials editor click Apply.

If you want to save the changes, right click on the material in the left pane and select Send to Library.

You can of course make other edits to the materials that you can’t make in SketchUp and you can edit continue editing materials and then later add them to the library on the right.

So, yes, the only way I can have a green and a blue piece of plastic is to make the material green in KT, save with a new name, make it blue, save with a new name. Into a suitable library. Then import the materials into SU and use where needed. And they are ready in KT and SU for other times and models.

But you don’t really even need to import the materials into SketchUp either. Just apply plain native colors in SketchUp. The select them in KT and make any adjustments you want. It’s the same as I did with the Front Face material in my example above.

Either way, once you have your library set up the way you want it, you won’t need to do it again.

When I open the model in KT all the materials must already be correct. I can’t apply materials in KT to 30 material names 25 times a day. So I must import them into SU. Once in KT the only thing I want to do is click Render. And merging changes takes much to much organisation. :grinning:

I will survive the extra effort.

This is just a hobby for you, right? Relax and enjoy it.

Got the first material working with the “reverse” work flow. :grinning:

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Your ‘reverse flow’ sounds great, can I just check, because you are using the same materials in SKP and Kerkythea, Kerkythea recognises them and automatically ‘applies’ the right ones as soon as you open the file, including their associated bitmaps etc?