Still uncertainty importing KT materials

Hi. SU2017 Make.

It works to use the KT toolbar to import a KT material. Any selected appear in “In Model.” This is not an ideal method.

I have a folder with all the KT files. I have unzipped some of them into folders with their contents. I have pointed SU Preferences … Files … Materials to this folder.

I use Materials … Open or create collection and select that folder. The folder appears as an option, and the unzipped folders show when that folder is selected. I also Add to favourites to be on the safe side. But they sub-folders empty. Even after restarting SU.

What am I doing wrong?

You can’t just put the image files from the into a folder and expect them to show as materials in SketchUp. SketchUp materials are packed into skm files which contain the image file and other information. If you want to use the images in the files directly in SketchUp import them into the In Model collection. Then add them to your material folder. The easiest way to do that is open your KT materials folder in the secondary pane and drag the thumbnail from In Model to that new folder.

Or you could just put the materials in the In Model collection and use Save Collection as…

If you must use the image files you have extracted from the files, you’ll need to import the image files into SketchUp as textures, and then save with either of the above methods.

Got it. Gives me a bit more freedom to name/arrange/organise as well.