Sketchup Job Board

Quick question. Is there a Sketchup job board where you can potentially find a sketchup freelancer? As a small office, we are potentially looking into having someone that could help from time to time with workloads. Not currently looking for a full time hire. Just a “Bullpen” Arm for additional help. Thanks for looking.

Well, I put your topic to “that” category… :innocent:

I’ll add a warning, you will get a variety of replies to job offers, many via Private Message so nobody here is able to vet them. Check them carefully, many will be spam, others will be ineligible to offer their services due to license limitations and some will simply not be good modellers.

I see your profile says you are using 2017 Make in your small office, Make is not licensed for commercial work so I assume you haven’t updated your profile since you purchased your Pro Version.


You might want to check in with Keith Brooks and/or SLOPED (SketchUp & LayOut for Professionals) … the need for qualified part-time help is precisely the need they are trying to meet.