Sketchup iPad beta 6.6 no more Diffusion


I just update Sketchup for iPad and lost access to Sketchup Diffusion, normal ?
I could make it appear on the top bar tools or with the search tool but not working when I tap it to activate.

Thanks in advance for your answer,

Apple M1 GPU
iPadOS 17.5.1, fr_FR
SketchUp 6.6.0 (2084)

Release notes says that…

To add to @rtches callout regarding the release notes for the Labs version of SketchUp for iPad v6.6, I’ll briefly add that Diffusion still works fine in v6.5.2. You can reinstall v6.5.2 via the Apple App Store.

Note that you do NOT have to uninstall 6.6 before reverting to 6.5.2.

Hope that helps.

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thanks, it was so clear :slight_smile: