SketchUp in 2019: where great ideas get to work

I absolutely agree … I would understand sketchup releasing versions geared to specific industries. Audodesk has done this for years. Makes total sence as it makes the program lighter etc.

But again this is You and I or the community making suggestions & thinking for them … not the other way around.

I have 44 extensions installed … including the 7 official sketchup ones and one which is a render program. So 36 developer extensions.


I have 44 extensions installed … including the 7 official sketchup ones and one which is a render program. So 36 developer extensions.

Hey Dimitri

Migration is somewhat specialized based on when your M&S plan would renew. If you have a reseller that you are working with it would be best to give them a call to step through your options. They can absolutely take care of you today. What is not quite ready, is the automated path through our web store which does not involve interacting with a sales rep.


Still waiting :slight_smile: really, try this Magic Mouse thing

You can’t go wrong with “Goode’s Original” from Goode Company BBQ in Houston, Tx., imho.

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I’m proud to say both ThomThom and Chris Fullmer are members of the SketchUp development team, where they have been working primarily on our developer-facing products and programs for several years.


Maurice’s Southern Gold (original)…what’s yours?

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NO it wasn’t price.

I wonder if you noticed this announcement last summer?

SketchUp + Unreal Engine + Unreal Studio = your design potential realized.

I don’t know if this was the integration you hoped to see, but I can say they are a great team to work with and I’m excited about what we were able to build together.

We really need a native option for bevelling and rounding off edges rather than a plugin, it’s a very basic function for almost all equivalent software.


What are Whaat’s Boolean Tools, I can’t find a link to them anywhere.


booltools ?


LOL, and 69 of them are yours! Great job Christina!

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Continuing the discussion from SketchUp in 2019: where great ideas get to work:

Miscellaneous thoughts engendered by the new release:

Trimble’s stock price is virtually the same today as it was five years ago. Considering inflation, that’s a loss in value for investors. What’s more, so far as I can tell at a glance, they have never issued a dividend. I imagine that Trimble are trying everything they can think of, including subscription pricing, to get profits and the stock price up.

I am retired, so for me SketchUp is a hobby, and I do not use it nearly as much as many of you. Nevertheless, even I can see improvements that should have been incorporated before now. Such as? Such as a really good layer-control panel. I have several suggestions aimed at reducing screen clutter, too, such as configurable workspaces (AKA personas,) custom toolbars that would include plugins, flyout toobars (again including plugins.) How about an optional command line? (Because, while you regular users might remember what shortcut is accessed by Shift+CTRL+W, us occasional users can’t; but we can remember mnemonic shortcuts.) Where is the native “mirror” command? Shouldn’t SketchUp fully support 4K by now?

Yes, I know that some of these things can be done with plugins. They should nevertheless be native to the program.

“But,” says someone, “incorporating those things would be difficult because….” As a user, I don’t care if it’s hard work. SketchUp employs coders who are well paid to do that hard work, and they have wasted years.

The lack of a road map, however vague, and the reaction to this release must be driving commercial developers wild.

The cost difference between the so-called “Classic” and the subscription is doable for me; but the idea that I could no longer do anything with SketchUp if, at some time in the future, I can no longer afford the subscription is a deal killer.

I used to recommend the free version of SketchUp to people who wanted to try 3D, especially kids in high school or, in one case, even middle school. The thing is, few of them have really fast internet connections, so online will just frustrate them. Given that and my growing concern that there will be no path forward for them within SketchUp, I just keep my mouth shut now.

It was good of SketchUp to give me a reason to explore other options. I am going to download the free version of FormZ and play with it. Even us retired architects need to keep on top of things. Heck, I’ll probably be pressed into service (against my will) for the rebuilding/replacing of every building in the United States should the Green New Deal come to fruition.:grinning:

There can be no doubt that the Trimble and SketchUp brass know what they’re doing; but if I were a grunt, I’d polish my C.V. (resume) get it in circulation.


Ok, here is a thought:
If you are the only one who uses (any) software, collaboration is not possible, you might share files, but nobody can read them, so you have to produce some documents or pictures etc.

Or export in a known format.

The more people use the same software, the need for exchanging becomes less important, since most likely, the chances are the other can read the file.

But forcing someone to use the same software is a completely different thing. (I know there is a company that does these kind of things)

Marketeers can wrap intentions up in shiny little things (more features added!!), but the true intentions will be exposed, eventually (I know a company that does this)

It seems that SketchUp chooses connectivity and collaboration above the shiny things, I guess?

Note: I work for the largest distributor (and only) in the Benelux.
Though SketchUp is part of what I do, I do not work for Trimble
In my former profession, I started using SketchUp with version 4or 5, as a design and visualisation tool.
It was my first BIM-experience, since the client and I would always be talking about one model and made annotations, etc. directly in it (Later LayOut)

@Ccaponigro I’m happy to report that the Greyscale plug in from Jim Foltz works in SU2019. Love it!!! One click of the "Frontface mode will take you from this:

to this:


If it’s meant to be a direct translation to grey scale - it’s not working.

PhotoShop would show a very different result.

I don’t use the Greyscale function of the plug in. I use the Front Face mode function. It reads the default front face color and adjusts the material texture color to match. It can be toggled off and on.

Sorry everyone to be off topic here. I was hoping to just make this quick. If there is additional conversation we can start a new topic.

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