SketchUp in 2019: where great ideas get to work



Haha, I hate Autocad, really. When I compared Rhino to Autocad, I meant that drafting capabilities in Rhino are very good. Of course, Rhino is way more than that, and its 3D modeling tools are fantastic.
You said that you never have seen construction documents from Rhino, and that was what surprised me anyway…
SketchUp is a fantastic tool but it has also lot of limitations like many people has pointed out, and it has changed so little in the last six years or so, that I fear is falling behind.
I know that you love using Layout but, come on, after so many years there are still not components neither vector hatches in Layout, dimensions are very limited… All we want is a better sketchUp, and the cloud is not the solution for most of us professionals.



That’s exactly what was the aim IMO. Now, Revit will get many new customers, and Trimble will get percent from it. That is the only logical explanation.


It has been stated before, by SU team members, that the desktop version and the online versions are in fact one and the same program (base code) and not different ones to maintain. Thus, bugfixes to one should be applicable to others.

Do not mix up: Maintenance, Support, Research & Development. They are all different things, to be funded from different budgets.

So what percentage of the M&S moneys paid, by the (previously known as) Pro community, could be allocated to bugfixes? Have you checked the release notes of SU2019? I realize not all bugfixes can be released within a maintenance cycle as it depends very much where in the cycle the fix was coded (close to a new release then lump it in with the new major point release), but all of them only released in the new version?

Developing a delivery platform, in my books, falls under R&D. It’s not the same as providing paying (M&S) customers with maintenance to the software they’re using.

I’m not paying M&S so that some other platform can get fixed and developed, I pay it for the specific product and platform I am using.


Man SketchUp has gone downhill.
I started using SketchUp in 2007, and I upgraded to pro in 2013. Each year very little changes in a positive direction. What I have seen over the last few years is the removal of really cool features like SketchUp Make. Features that got a young 15-year-old version of me excited to use and learn this program. Now all of that is gone. Instead, we have a nerfed web app, yearly subscriptions, no google maps support, and dashed lines (but somehow still no clouds in layout).


Hate to say it, but Chip is bringing up some very valid sounding complaints.
He has every right to be frustrated. I began using SketchUp at 15 years old. I’m 27 now. I grew up using SketchUp. And now I use it every day at work. I have seen 2 years in a row with the silliest of new features.

Can we please get some kind of battle plan? Or are you admitting to slowing down the development of SketchUp?
Maybe Tremble is cutting funding?


2019 Bug, Autosave does not work


More information is needed than just this sentence if something needs to be done about it. Whether by the SketchUp team or by yourself, changing your settings. Who knows?


box checked in preferences, autosave does not create a file. Backup does works with checked box.
Try it yourself. I have tried it on two computers


I would be glad if it only would open on my pc, I did install and now Sketchup won’t run anymore…
not even in administrator mode


Yep, i’m feeling pretty second class right now with my ‘Classic’ license. It’s an awful product title to my mind - I expect that’s intentional.

I guess it followed Adobe nomenclature for the desktop version of Lightroom CC?

For what it’s worth, I used Lightroom from v1 but don’t see myself ever taking up a CC license with Adobe. The same goes for SU.


Affinity Photo/Designer/Publisher + Davinci Resolve should cover most peoples needs.

I’m making the transition to Blender now, and 2 days in, I’m close to have a workflow going. Still some modelling tools to learn.


Right - I’ve been a relatively silent user of Sketchup professionally since it’s release in 99 and used it pretty much all day every day since so I’ve been following closely to see how Trimble have developed the software but I just have to speak up now. Quick rough maths: 20hrs/wk x 45 weeks/yr x 20 years = nearly 20,000 hours use.

I have to say that I’m extremely sad to see how little it’s been developed since Trimble acquired it 7yrs ago and now it’s gone from being a powerful and fast 3d modelling package to a mediocre, subscription based limited system. I use it in the architectural field, like millions of others around the globe, and it’s just not keeping up with other software. There’s been hardly any actual modelling developments under Trimble and nothing that’s really made my job much easier or quicker. Releasing a ‘new’ version and calling it Sketchup 2019 with such tiny changes is a bit of a joke and branding a new subscription system as the main update is just ridiculous (which professional is going to pay $120/yr for an app they can’t even use offline?). Where’s the unified login to draw all our unique settings together - keyboard shortcuts, extensions, UI layout etc. Where are the actual new modelling features that made sketchup stand out from the crowd ten years ago? Sketchup has the power to do truly amazing things yet the development side is more focused on making lines dashed than, for example, adding a dynamic component system for easily adding custom windows and doors? Where’s the ability to import an architect’s DWG and have an automated system for pulling up walls if the linwork is on the right layer? We know that’s not beyond Sketchup’s capability as there are already plugins that do it. Why is it not built in yet? Why do we have to fork out for extra plugins for creating a decent pitched roof? This is basic architectural stuff, Trimble, so when is development going to focus on these core modelling issues instead? Why does my outliner window still flicker using a £4k machine and a pro £1 gfx card? Why is all the real modelling grunt and detailing done by plugins by great people like Fredo, TIG, thomthom, Chris Fullmer etc who surely should have been bought up by Trimble by now and integrated. Adding roof tiles, guttering, fences, high-res textures - these are all missing and surely I can’t be the only one who would welcome them. I’m not sure what percentage of users are architects but it’s got to be large hasn’t it? I used to be really excited when a new version was released and look forward to seeing what new features there were as there would always be something that blew my mind, whereas I’ve just become less and less bothered :frowning: Sadly, I’m seriously close to just modelling everything in 3ds Max like other 3d visualisers, not because Sketchup is rubbish - far from it, I just struggle to invest my hard earned cash into it year on year when there’s clearly no real development going into it. Dashed lines and a tweak to the tape measure? Seriously people - we deserve more than this don’t we?


lol … most competitors are ahead anyway! So there goes that theory.

Sketchup’s best development and relevance is due to all the developers plugins… without that … where would sketchup be ? It has gotten to the point that getting sketchup to offer the features that users want and have repeatedly asked for over the years; is like pulling hens teeth. Again developers have responded to a greater degree. So, is that why we now need to change our subscription plans ?!

Maybe we should be setting up some sort of "crowd funding" or something similar to pay the developers for their work, instead of sketchup ?!

As for the "school" they are setting up and videos posted by sketchup; they are really basic. Truth be told only to uncover a small command that we have not noticed or forgotten. Helpful yes … but far from what would be expected. The staff try really hard and we can see they are trying to do much with so little & the same old, same old … but … yeah !

So many vlogs and authors post better more informed videos or books!

In fact I’ll set forward a challenge … how many plugins does the average user have installed ?

And I’ll bet that is how much work sketchup has not done to make their product a leader.

In my view Sketchup does not have the moral high ground to demand anything … Sorry not convinced!

p.s. How many people actually want an online version ? Did we ask for this ?


Maybe this will help: Why autosave does not work?
(b.t.w. you should have started a new thread to generate more attention)

Here is another one: AUTOSAVE FILES - Where are they located

See if you get an autosave by letting SketchUp crash.


I’d also add that the perceived delay in 2019 contributed to a real sense of anticlimax for me.

I hoped there was something big coming - I may have dreamed of an Unreal integration at some point!! :laughing: :laughing: --------

Ultimately i feel pretty short changed; my 2019 license has been demoted in title and features.

Some clarity on the perpetual license would at least go some way to resolving this mess.


Amen! In response to your plugins question - I have 32 installed. Granted there are some that couldn’t ever be natively built in like Laubwerks trees plugin. Most could though. And no I’d never in a million years prefer a web-only version, I think it would make more sense to be a feature of the pro version that you could collaborate with clients online rather than emailing models. I’ve long struggled with releasing models to my clients who I’m pretty sure won’t pass them on to anyone else but there’s no way of protecting the file at all so once they’ve got it they can send it to any other archviz artist they want. I’ve started insisting on going into their office to show them instead.


Fun fact: Thomthom & Chris Fullmer both indeed work for Trimble on the SketchUp team now.


Turns out I have 105 extensions installed. I think there are two I consider suitable to be made native. Even things that most architects have use for would just be clutter for most furniture designers or urban planners and vice versa. People use SketchUp for incredibly different things and have vastly different requirements for their tools.

The extensions I have that think should be made native are Weld (the opposite of native Explode Curve) and Eneroth Copy Between Components. The latter could be implemented as a “Paste Relative” command underneath “Paste In Place” in Edit, and paste entities at the same position relative to the drawing axes as it was cut/copied from. I use this all the time to copy things to the corresponding position between similar components.


Then again why do so many come over from AutoCAD then demand more tools… isn’t it the price that drove you here…


Wow that’s awesome - really glad they’ve been recognised for their skills!