Sketchup go on ipad still on free version

I upgraded to sketchup go on my ipad and when i sign in its still in the free version. How do i fix this ?

Try signing out, clearing caches, and signing in again. You’ll know that you are using SketchUp Go by the lack of the SketchUp watermark in the upper right corner.

Or is it possible you are using SketchUp for iPad?

Please correct your forum profile with the right version of SketchUp. It currently indicates SketchUp 2021 Make which is impossible.

I think i am using sketchup for ipad ?
When i looked on the app store for sketchup i only had one option.
Not sure what im missing here

There is only one SketchUp for iPad version. If you’ve downloaded the app did you open it?

Yes, i signed in and its the free version with the watermark

In the interests of clarity, are you opening a Web Version within a browser and seeing the watermark, or are you actually opening a downloaded Ap?

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As Box is suggesting, if you open the web version in Safari, and you don’t have a subscription (which I think you don’t), you will see the watermark and the upgrade button.

If you install the iPad app and open that, and you don’t have a subscription, the app will work as a viewer, there will be no modeling tools.