Signing into Sketchup Web for the first time after purchasing GO, deleted all iPad models

I signed into sketchup web after a week or two of using the ipad version because I wanted to work in a larger screen with a model I built on my ipad… the next thing I know is the version with all the latest changes is no longer present and it seems that signing in synced the old data ontop of the new data with the file of the same name, essentially silently deleting all progress made on the iPad.

I am so frustrated as there is no way to retrieve this file or data which i’ve just spent a good solid few days building.

Please fix this bug so that this cannot happen, if the webversion needs to rename a file automatically and create a duplicate, then so be it, don’t just silently overwrite data like it has done to me today.

I’ve been into TC, found the model, checked the version history and the latest thing that happened today to the file in particular was a ‘download’ which clearly isn’t what I was trying to do and the download was the old file, not the existing file.

Has anyone been able to retreive a file that was silently overwritten? is there some secret ipad storage that might have a version of the file or am I f**ked and need to redo all of the work?

Can you share a screen shot of the Home folder with the recent Files?
The icons are an important indication of the whereabouts.