SketchUp Free Tutorial?

Just wondering when there will be a video tutorial released for SketchUp Free? I’ve watched all the beginner tutorials on you tube but they are for pro or make. Free seems to have a different layout of tools and their bars which is making it a bit confusing to learn as I have to keep hunting for the right tool.
I’d love to have something specific to Free to be able to refer to while working on my designs as it is making the process quite long and frustrating with the tutorials as is.
Many thanks

The videos focus very much on workflows and how to use the tools. Since inside Make, Pro and Free the same SketchUp engine is running, all tools behave mostly the same.

I think if you want to get familiar with the UI, it is faster taking the time and systematically trying out every button and tool. When you hover an icon you get a tool tip that tells the name – exactly the same name as in Make & Pro. Tool icons have the same shape, just monochrome. What is mostly different is the inspector sidebar ont he right with its new icons.


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