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When I enter modeling I do not get the main SketchUp Bar at the top or the double tool bar on the left of the screen. How can I get these to appear? i can not complete the tutorials without them, I was able to complete the 1st one but at the start of the 2nd one it tells you to change the dimensions in the dimensions box and it won’t allow me to. Please help.


I’m not sure, but maybe you’re watching tutorials for the desktop version of SketchUp while using the web version? The interface is different between them. I know there were specific tutorials for SketchUp for Schools (the web version deployed to schools). A quick search of YouTube for SketchUp Free Tutorials shows at least two third party ones:


SketchUp Free (= SketchUp for Web) has its own user interface, although it uses the same core of SketchUp. There are not these toolbars (the desktop toolbars are “not compatible” with the web), but their functionality is located in the left toolbar.

If you take some time to explore and get familiar with every toolbar item on the left before doing the tutorial, you should be able to complete most old tutorials for the desktop version (only some advanced or Pro functionality is not available).

Or as suggested, search for specific tutorials for SketchUp Free/Web/ SketchUp for Schools. You could limit search results to tutorials created in 2017 or later.


RTCool, thanks .This is a project for an enrichment class I am taking and I will probably never use again after this semester… I have done a google search for SketchUp Free tutorials and got the same ones, but I’ll look again. I just realized those are videos The top video is what my screen looks like, the second one has the tool bar across the top that I don’t have but otherwise once he started modeling it was the same. I’ll look for more tutorials. I just started trying to use this program earlier this week so should have the latest Sketchup Free - Cloud Based. Thanks again…


Aerilus, I did become familliar with the tool bars both on the left and the right, but nowhere does it let me chose to enter dimensions in the dimensions box. I’ll keep looking on the web for additional tutorials.


By default the Measurements window is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. As in any other version of SketchUp, when you activate a tool that allows some sort of dimension or other numerci input, you simply type. Do not try clicking in the Measurements window.

Note: The cursor doesn’t move from the modeling window before entering the dimensions.


Dave R, thank you so much, the tutorial was not clear on that point and I thought I had to click on the box to enter the numbers. I’ll try finishing the tutorial now.


Since SketchUp for Schools is essentially the same as Free, you can also search for tutorials for that. Checking my records from teaching last year, it seems the first official initial tutorials were on Vimeo:

SketchUp for Schools Lessons: - Introduction - Turtle sandbox - Pirate Playship - Mike’s Malt Shop

One of my students did the Malt Shop one.


Thank you. I’m doing a little better now. I’ll look up those tutorials.


I have another question for you. I’m in Tutorial 4 and placing the arc on my tables front and back supports. I was able to draw the arc but the push-pull tool will not work to push the cut away part up. It just shows the red circle with the line through it every time I try to use it there. Any suggestions?


Hard to say, but my first guess would be the thing you’re working on is grouped and you’re not “inside” that group (where you could select each individual line and face). You can draw on top of it, but the new geometry woun’t join with it. That’s the most common reason for seeing that.


Okay, I got the component selected, but can’t make the tool work like the example, it pushes the whole thing up not just the area to be deleted under the arch. I’ll keep trying. Thanks.


Open the component for editing before drawing the arc.


Thank you. I got it to work. I really appreciate your help!


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