Sketchup Free (online version) does not support 3D Spacemouse

I’ve tried it myself. I feel sure that without a bit of help (exposing the necessary camera API) from Trimble it is not possible for 3DConnexion to make their hardware work with SketchUp Web.

While that is basically true, it is a misleading statement. SketchUp desktop has a well documented API. SketchUp web does not. There is not even an undocumented api known to exist.

FWIW I added 3D space mouse support to another web app that I use. It had the camera API exposed.
If SketchUp web would only expose the camera API I would implement Space Mouse support just for fun (I don’t use the web version)


It’s not as trivial to expose a camera API as it may seem. Once an API is out and people start relying on it, it is very hard change. Public API is basically written in stone. Before we can expose any API we need to make a number of design decisions that aren’t only affected by the current web version of SU, but also desktop and potential future platforms.

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As a SpacePilot Pro user and hobbyist, I am still stuck in the 2017 free verison as long as it works and my old laptop works. I would gladly pay a fee for a current desktop verison or a web version that allowed 3D mic to work, or even pay for a newer mouse, but I can’t justify $300/year for something I use 3 times a year.

This seems self-contradictory. You would gladly pay, but can’t justify paying? Please clarify what you would be willing to pay, for what, and under what circumstances.

It seems unlikely that Trimble will implement another licensing variation beyond what they currently offer, particularly for the Pro desktop version, so payment may not be the issue. @ene_su described the reasons why she believes there would need to be a large base of support for this request before Trimble would consider exposing an API that would let it happen in the free web version.

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It seems like supporting 3D Space Mouse in SketchUp web would be a lot simpler than adding an entire extensions API. SketchUp could use the game pad api to bring Space Mouse support without any need for an extension. See my post above.


How is that self-contradictory? I would pay, but $300/yr is too much to assist with my occasional bookshelf or coffee table ideas.
Would you pay $50 for a nice hamburger if you only felt it was worth $20? Maybe if you had no other options, I suppose. I’ll probably switch to hot dogs personally.

You could use a $20 3-button mouse for your occasional SketchUp modeling.

Why so expensive? The cheapest 3-button wheel mouse I found costs 3,80 €. Euros and dollars are about equal today. That one looks like a rebadged Logitech model. Cheapest wireless is 8€. :grinning:

I was being generous. :wink:

Hey folks, I built a chrome extension to scratch my own itch.

It’s not perfect because SketchUp for Web exposes no API for camera or scene manipulation. I can only get 5 DOF scene manipulation by simulating mouse and keyboard events.

  • Move (3D)
  • Yaw
  • Pitch

The back/forward move is implemented by Zoom so it’s bit janky once you get close to a surface. But I guess that is an issue with mouse users too.

Anyway, please give it a try and I’m happy hear your feedback!