SketchUp Free - Loading times


Out of curiousity I tested the SketchUp load times for three different browser types on the same computer.

Firefox has the handle on this one. I tested 3 or more time with each browser on the same machine. Here are the (very consistent) range of results for each browser.

Firefox: 5.1 - 5.6 seconds
Chrome: 12 - 13 seconds
Edge: 24 - 25 seconds
Safari: Not tested

Quite astounding to be honest.

SketchUp for Web API(s) - what, when, how?

This was because that was my old machine a pre-iCore pre-HD graphics machine that will only do OpenGL v2.0 max, and has only 4GB of RAM. So I think it needs to download more compatibility stuff than newer machines, in order to run on the ancient Mobile 4 Series graphics in WebGLv1 mode.

I just tested on a brand new MSI gaming notebook with a GigaBit wireless, 16GB RAM, iCore i7, nVidia GTX1060 w/ 6GB … and SketchUp Web loads into Chrome in 12 secs having never ever been loaded before,… then reloads in about 7 secs.

EDIT: just reloaded in 5 secs.


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