SketchUp for Urban Design and Analysis

Hi SketchUp users, I’m looking to better understand how you all use SketchUp professionally.
Thanks in advance to everyone who responds.

I’d like to know the following:

  1. do you use SketchUp professionally for urban design (or projects with more than two buildings)?
  2. do you undertake any type of microclimate analysis (wind or thermal comfort) as part of your work?
  3. do you use a Mac to undertake any of the above?

I’ve tried to keep the questions streamlined so please feel free to respond with yes / no answers


Multiple buildings on one site, yes (but plantation style, not urban)
Not really (iPad)

Thanks for responding

Thanks for taking time to respond.
Just curious if you use the iPad for analysis or more for presentation / communication

Paid work has always involved concept design of interior spaces.

No need for climate analysis

Have always worked on Mac’s