Sketchup for Schools Expiration

Sketchup for Schools will no longer be free as of September 2020. I teach and use Sketchup in my middle school classes.

What will the fee be for schools to continue using Sketchup for Schools following the expiration?

@Frosty1 SketchUp for Schools will remain free for K-12 students as it always has been. To assist with remote learning during COVID-19, we opened access to the app to all Gmail and Microsoft accounts to help ease the transition for students. This is the only thing that will change on September 30th. Accounts through K-12 school domains will have continued access as always, at no cost. If you have used SketchUp for Schools in previous school years, you shouldn’t experience any interruptions!

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Since we haven’t used Sketchup for schools prior to COVID-19, what does our district need to do to ensure that students can access it?

We did use Sketchup Pro 2018. There has been issues with the license expiring, tools missing, things of that nature.

Which version would you recommend to be less problematic?

Version 2018 is a desktop application that needs High Graphic performances. Educational licenses for desktop clients always expire, they are valid for one year. Version 2016 was the last version that had hardware acceleration to compensate for lesser Graphic cards machines.

The K-12 program is about the Web version, which doesn’t expire, but is Web based. It is basically the Free Web app that runs in the browser but has some extra capabilities with import/export and creating styles.

So, you need to be sure which SketchUp you are after (Desktop client or Browser based)

Browser Based (=SketchUp for Schools)

Two ways that I know of (costs=0):
  1. Your school needs to have a Google EDU-suite and the domain needs to get whitelisted
  2. Your school has a Microsoft 360 education account (needs to get whitelisted, too)
    no expiration.

Desktop Client (for higher education)

There are three possible ways to get access to the desktop client ($):
  1. Educational network (‘lab’)license: Install on many computers in the school, maximum seat determines how many may be active the same time (eg. you have multiple classrooms that all have desktops, but no specific use)
  2. Laptop license: the license is tiered to the machine (eg. you have a dedicated classroom with desktops or a set of laptops that can be used)
  3. Students (and Teacher’s) buy a subscription (Higher Educational Studio): it is tiered to a Trimble ID

All these licenses expire, they are valid for one year.

All you’ll need to do is make sure that your district IT admin allows the app on your school’s domain, and then all of your students should be able to log in with their school accounts rather than any personal ones they may have been using.
SketchUp for Schools is the tool that we recommend primarily for K-12 users as it is easy to use, does not require installation of a desktop app, and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Thank you.

I would like for some of my classes to use Layout to print off their 2d views for lead wing and glider stabilizers. So we need the Pro version I believe to do this.

Yes you are correct. LayOut is compatible with SketchUp Pro.

I taught SketchUp in my CAD classes going back to the @last days. Now retired, I teach a college class on SU for teachers, as well as offering online lessons for teachers to use beginning with the pandemic. I can do 95% of what I need to do between the Pro (desktop) and Free (web) versions, but it would be nice to have access to that extra 5% with a SfS account. Is there some way a person like me that is spreading the Gospel of SU can apply for a SfS account?