SketchUp for iPad incredibly slow/lagging

I am having a very difficult continuing to work on my current model. There is so much lag for tool selection and tool function as the model has become more complex. I have the most recent app version and my iPad Pro is running the most current iOS version. The iPad storage is at less than 1/3 use. I have a few downloads from 3D warehouse, but I can’t imagine that my model is too much/complex. What can I do to speed things up?

I am not an iPad user, but the first questions to answer would be: What model is the iPad and how old is it?

It is an iPad Pro 3rd gen. It is about a year old.

Is there a chance you can share your model, then someone will be able check how complex is that, and how its behave on other devices?


  • my first advise, to go to the Styles panel and in Edge Settings switch off the Profiles
  • You can also try to change there the Face Settings , to use Shaded instead of Shaded With Textures

IPad Pro series started around 2015, I believe.
I have a third gen, too from 2018

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It’s an iPad Pro 3rd gen from 2021

Switching the faces settings to shaded helped a bit! Thank you!

My guess would be these, have you checked how complex they are and what other junk they may have brought into the model. Many Warehouse models are notorious for being over complex and bloated.
It would really help to see the model itself, we can test it to see if the issue is the device or the model or settings.

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When mine starts to lag it’s usually because of ridiculous amounts of repetitive geometry. I have two models that are behaving this way right now and in both cases it’s one specific group that I have put on it’s own tag. Once that one tag is off, I don’t have any lag.

The first one is because of a very dense warehouse model that is still VERY complicated with tiny faces after cleaning, but because it’s for a client they want to see it in there and I don’t care to model it myself.

The second is a huge Lego model of the Ghostbusters headquarters, and it’s the bottom sheet of Lego (one pad with thousands of studs) that causes the lag. Like the other, once that tag is off I don’t have any lag.

Them called lagtags…

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Dang it! This will forever be a thing in my world now.

@lyndonwjenkins quick check-in to ask whether the notes offered above, re: managing model complexity by using Tags are helpful. Let us know if you need any additional details about the process of creating tags, assigning objects to tags, toggling tag visibility (and/or saving Scenes that can be used to help more efficiently manage tag visibility)…

I think adding tags to more components has helped! It seems much faster so far! Thank you all!