Sketchup 'Failed to Open Document' - issue occurs when trying to open more than one sketchup tab at a time

I’m having an issue with sketchup 2021.1.

I was working on a model, saved it but kept it open, and then opened a new file. This caused the existing model to corrupt and now when I try to open it, it reads ‘failed to open document’. It also did the same to the new document.

The file was a couple of hours of work, so I stared it again but had the same issue, so don’t see a point in doing it again if the same is going to happen. I’m having this problem with every file I create, regardless of size. No bugsplat pops up.

I’ve tried opening the document on another drive, using the .skb to .skp, using a different computer, uninstalling and reinstalling sketchup etc. Nothing seems to work.

Any help with this would be great :slight_smile: