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I would like to know if I can include the SketchUp Engine into my webpage. My clients would like to use SketchUp directly from my webpage to draw and send out an STL file for further processing. I want to clarify that this is different from trying to embed SketchUp models for viewing. Please let me know if there are ways to do this or if I have to collaborate with SketchUp to incorporate it into my webpage.


That would be great, your own sketchup domain on the web
Instead of, with mycompanies 3D warehouse collection right at hand!
@jbacus ? @psaal?


Wow! That’s a great idea with the domain name. I love it!

Our needs is to really streamline the process to unify the interface for our customers. My clients don’t want to go download SketchUp nor go to SketchUp Web, draw their creation, and then upload to warehouse/Trimble nor save STL and email for a quote. Clients would like to just go to our website, draw, choose some material parameters (and maybe add some custom parameters like print resolution, polish, gloss, etc.), and have a “Quote Now” menu option. The last action can send an email to us that includes an STL with material parameters for us to process the quote.

Any other suggestions to streamline this process would be greatly appreciated.


Sounds like an interesting thing.

You should contact SketchUp Sales directly with this sort of thing. Maybe they’d have some sort of package they could sell you.

There are several ways how this can be imagined:

  • embedding SketchUp for Web into your own site on your own domain (currently not supported by ToS)

  • SketchUp offering a customizable editor/configurator as a licensable service for e.g. manufacturers hosted by SketchUp on a SketchUp subdomain (with e.g. custom branding, custom components collection). Your customers would seamlessly go from your site to but still feel like it belongs to your site (many web forms, web shops, payment service providers work like that).

    I think this has a huge potential because a lot of manufacturers are asking for this and we always have to tell them “build your own editor from scratch with three.js”.

  • Keeping SketchUp for Web up to the latest web APIs, especially a future Web Share API (or Web Intents) that allows a customer to click on a .skp file on your site and open it with a suitable web app (SketchUp for Web) and sharing back the saved .skp or .stl file to your site.

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SketchUp inside sales responded to say that there is nothing they have that would allow any of this–embedding, subdomain, or web APIs. I’m starting to think webpage iframes but that’s absolutely not where I want to go. Any new thoughts on this anyone?

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