Sketchup does not run on a Mac Studio

Since I moved to a Mac Studio, Sketchup is an almost complete fail. It rarely runs for more than a few minutes without crashing. I get no response at all from Trimble. The program has become nearly worthless for me, and I really need it right now.

I’m running the 2022 Mac Studio with 64gb of RAM and updated system and Sketchup software.

That you for your considerable patience. And also for sending in 31 bugsplats.

All of the crashes were the same issue, and I can see that you’re not alone, others have seen the same problem. I have asked a senior colleague if the crashing is a known problem.

For the no response from Trimble part, can you say what ways you have tried so far? I can check with support colleagues to see if they got your messages, and if so on what dates did they reply.

I will be in the office later today and will grab the emails I sent to Trimble over the past couple of weeks.
patrick sutton

I found that the other people who had the same problem were exporting a model to DWG, and something in the model was corrupt in some way.

Do you export to DWG much, and is that when crashes happen?

Never. Crashes occur even in a newly-opened model with nothing more than one or two straight lines.

Do you use Google Drive or something similar by any chance?

Hi. Same Problem here. I also use Google Drive. Could this be linked to the problem?