Sketchup CPU usage in idle mode is at least 5%

I am using Sketchup 2021, latest Version SketchUpPro-2021-1-279-89-de on a Win10 HP Envy NB with 8GB of RAM adn a CPU Intel Core i7 5500U @ 2.4GHz.

I find, that Sketchup becomes a bit slower with every version.
Currently, when Sketchup is opened and an empty model (with Sumele only) is loaded and I do not touch the keyboard, mouse or Space mouse, Sketchup uses roughly 5% CPU all the time. ( I also removed all Plugins for this test)

What is Sketchup doing in the background when I am not doing anything?

In addition, if I load a 35MB large model, then Sketchup uses constantly 11% CPU.
When having the select tool active and I am moving the mouse, but not clicking anywhere, Sketchup uses 30% CPU.
I understand, that the mouse positioning triggers processing, but the idle CPU usage of 5-11% is not a good sign to me.

That does not sound good.
I see 0% CPU and GPU in the task manager when I don’t move the mouse or SU is out of focus. “Heavy” modell, plugins enabled.

(i7-8850H @\2.6GHz , Quadro P2000)

What else is running in the background ? AV apps?

It sounds like the OP is looking specifically at SketchUp. An AV would affect the total usage, but would it inflate the usage by a separate process such as SketchUp? On my Mac I see SketchUp using about 0.6-8% CPU when idle, pretty much independent of the model size.

Thanks. From your answers it looks it is not a general problem everyone has. I will reboot and only run Sketchup and check, if gets down to below 1% at least from time to time.

On my Windoze machine, I am seeing 0 to 1% for SketchUp fluctuating, mostly at 0. Total CPU utilization is 2 to 3% when at idle.

I have meanwhile updated to the SketchupPro version that was released yesterday, SketchUpPro-2021-1-299-99-de.
Also rebooting, starting only Sketchup and no other application does not improve the situation.
Opening an empty model and then minimizing SketchUp, still shows in the task manager SketchupPro constantly using more than 5% CPU with no activity on the Harddrive or Network.
Strange is as well, that in the task manager, the Sketchup program has “(No response)” added to the name. In the print screen below it reads “(Keine Rückmeldung)”
Currently I have all Plugins loaded. I do not assume that a Plugin will cause the CPU activity.

Does anybody have an idea what could cause this?