SketchUp boomerang model (modification request)



Hello friends, I am attaching the stl model of tri boomerang that i got from internet i need to create similar thing with circle at the center of it. Can anybody help me modeling this tri- boomerang. The sketchup model that are available in sketchup warehouse are moslty not solid its hard to create circle in the center.

Bqtriblader-new-with-holes-3.5mm.stl (454.2 KB)

Please help !



Like the picture?


however can you please send me the skp file of this one !


yes i want the same thing with bigger circle but around this boomerang !

here’s the boomerang around which i want to add a circle !


but where is your skp file showing your attempts at creating this?

their are many people prepared to help you learn SU, but you seem to only want to ‘order’ a free model…



Here is the file. If you know enough to use Sketchup, you can do whatever you want with this file.
tri boomerang.skp (195.9 KB)


appreciated !


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