SketchUp Attribute Viewer

Does SketchUp offer a 3D Viewer that allows you to select a component and view all the Attributes in that component? Similar to Navisworks for AutoCAD.

SketchUp itself is the 3D viewer. In SketchUp, “attributes” refers to annotations (arbitrary extra data) stored for each entity. It does not refer to computed properties (length, area) or scene graph objects (model hierarchy, cameras/scenes). If you want to inspect the model hierarchy, use Window → Outliner.

There are several attribute viewers, for example:

  • Attribute Inspector (1.1: EWH, 3.0: Github)
  • Attribute Editor (EWH)
  • Attribute Helper (EWH, Github)
  • Component Options (shipped with SketchUp’s dynamic components extension).

Note that extensions only work in SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Make 2017.

What does Navisworks do?

Navisworks Freedom is a 3D viewer that your customer would use to fly threw a 3D project and select components and a window would open showing price, part number, serial number, date and any other data added when the 3D project was made. I was hoping SketchUp Viewer might offer the same.

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