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Thanks for sharing your file Paul, it proves to me that this is a Mac problem. I opened your LO file, Paul - I selected one of the notes (the one saying Kitchen/ Dayroom) and clicked my Up arrow to nudge it… there is a delay of about a second before it moves.

Come on Trimble, put some resources into fixing this please!

Well funny thing is , when I open Paul’s file on my mac… it’s fine. and I can move stuff using the arrows instantly.

this file is running like an illustrator file here.

Could it be that you’re on an older mac, less optimised for the current OS ? It’s no secret that as time goes, OS providers is letting go of older models and fine tuning to the more recent ones. Because on my M1 mac, at least, it’s fine.

Wow. that’s disappointing. my mac is an iMac Retina 4k 21.5" 2019 with 3.2GHz i7.
Just over three years old.

Hey Paul,

I just wanted to verify whether you have gotten the recent patch release or not. We fixed an issue on mac that was causing a lot of unnecessary slowdown, so I’d like to know if you already have that fix or not.


I don’t think so Adam.
I upgraded to SU 2023 and just renewed my license but if the patch is separate, where do i get that from?


You should be able to either use the “Check for Update” menu option in SketchUp or LayOut, or download the latest version from here: Downloading SketchUp | SketchUp Help. We released the patch on March 15th, so there is a small chance you already have that version. You can check your version in the about dialog - the patch is version 23.0.396 for mac and 23.0.397 for windows.


that’s confusing! see my screen shot - i have 23.0.366 for Mac, so i am not up to date, but i check for updates and it says “none available”?!

Try going to Download all

Thanks, but that is even more confusing than i thought…!
In SketchUp I check for updates and it says I have the most up-to-date version.
So I ignore that, and go to the Downloads page. There is no Download All, but I look at the release notes for SU2023 and it says 23.0.366.
So I ignore that too and I download SU 2023 anyway - (the one I already have…?)
and once downloaded I can see that its 23.0.396 !!!

(confused of Kent)

Capture d’écran 2023-04-18 à 09.46.46

look on the left. you have SU 23.0 and SU23.0.1 - you looked at the first to check the version number (366) yet automatically downloaded the second (396)

How many sheets per one file do you usually make?
I use auto text a lot in the LO files, however it is less effective when I split the drawings into too many files.

For the type of project that I do, typically Planning drawings are usually A3 because this is a more manageable size for my clients to view on a screen or print out.

At this stage it’s typically two LO files: Site Arrangements – one or two sheets depending on the site setting, and General Arrangements – at least four to six sheets and upwards depending on the complexity of the project.

Sometimes I will have another LO file that will have concept and informational drawings for the client.

For construction and Building Regulations compliance, I will typically have separate LO files for: Existing Conditions, Proposed Arrangements, Details, Window & Door Schedules, and Services.

These drawings will mostly be A1 – usually a few sheets – so that I can fit more information onto each sheet and also space out everything so I don’t have a cluttered mess.

With the addition of per page autotext in 2023, I don’t find autotext a problem with multiple LO files.