SketchUp and Layout Performance on Xeon

I have a lot of issues with Layout performance and I want to know if I’m doing anything wrong or my system configuration is not ideal. I’m working on a Xeon 3.7 GHz with 20GB of RAM and an Nvidia QuadroM4000. I usually import the model into my layout template. Rendering, changing viewport size, even adding noted is painfully slow to the point that I only use Layout for very basic presentations. I want to use it for all my documentation but it’s impossible with this performance.
As reference, my partner has a mac book pro with 8GB RAM and perfomance on his computer is 3-4 times faster.
Any advice greatly appreciated!

Some other users have noticed poor performance. Especially when resizing viewport boundaries.

Reading about this, it made me think of a feature request I posted, that if implemented might help you. Have a look and vote for which implementation you like (or none.)

  • Are the styles set for the SketchUp model scene pages (used for your viewports) using fast style settings ?

  • Have you updated your Nvidia display driver recently ?

  • What version / edition / release of Windows are you running on?

  • Is your machine’s power settings set for performance ?


SketchUp Help Center article: Improving Performance