Sketchup 8 pro

How do I get a Sketchup 8 Pro license?
And what about the widespread online licenses for Sketchup 8 Pro
Please reply and thank you

In general, only the last version is sold, that would mean a subscription.
You have access to all versions that have a ‘sign in’ possibility to activate (2019 and higher) with that type of license.

If you mean the ‘cracked’ versions to activate older ‘classic’ versions that scatter the internet, you won’t get any support, violate numerous EULA’s and run the risc of corrupting your system.

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This is the third time you’ve posted about this. Licenses haven’t been sold for that software build for over a decade. If you want a commercial license you can subscribe to the new version. SketchUp 8 isn’t free or distributed for commercial use.

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