SketchUp 2023 - changes to UI.inputbox focus?

Question for the proper coders:

A case of three ruby plugins;

  1. a plugin with a floating quad menu with my most-used commands - pressing items launches other plugins.
  2. a plugin that directly launches a UI.inputbox
  3. a plugin that directly launches a HTMLdialog

From 2014 to 2022, both 2 and 3 would work fine. The floating quad menu would auto-close (due to the launch of 2 & 3).
In SU 2023, case 3 works fine but 2 leaves the quad menu open. So the menu of 1 is still in view and has focus while 2 is also in view but can’t get focus until I toggle out of SketchUp and back again. After closing 2 plugin 1 finally terminates. Something changed in the focus of the UI.inputbox?

I tried adding a Sketchup.active_model.select_tool(‘selectSelectionTool:’) after calling 2 but that one ‘waits’ until 2 is closed.

In short: I want to switch from one plugin to another and close the first while switching.

Sounds logical? Any suggestions?

What changed is that SketchUp (on Windows) has been extensively changed to use the Qt GUI framework instead of the very old Microsoft MFC framework.

A few focus bugs slipped past (with UI.inputbox and UI.messagebox).

Just try and wait for a minor update rather than attempting to change code to adapt to a temporary situation.

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What’s a floating “quad menu” ?

Thanks for the info Dan. I’ll wait / hope for a fix.

A quad menu is something I recreated from the old 3dsMax days. See pic (blurred most of the commands). You press a shortcut key → at your mouse position a panel opens consisting of 4 sub panels with your favorite commands/plugins.
The BIG advantage is that you have about 20 to 30 of your most used tools within reach - you maybe move the mouse about 200 pixels max. Used GL_-code to draw this.

Oh okay. I guess SketchUp for iPad has this natively, arranged in concentric rings.

Yup, all of my inputbox menus/tools are broken in 2023, and none of my HTML menus seem to be impacted. What can we do to expedite a fix or minor update on this, and what kind of timeline are we looking at?

Thank you Dan for giving us more information and status on this. I can start switching all of my menus to HTML but that would still be a colossal project. If this can be fixed rather quickly from SketchUp’s end that would be optimal.

They never usually give target dates ahead of time.

It seems that because the office is in Colorado, that many take winter break or vacation just after major release to enjoy the snow while it’s good. But this is just a personal observation.
Things should pick back up soon (and may already have.)

Ping: @tt_su @ChrisFullmer


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I just spoke with Chris Fullmer regarding this issue and it sounds like they are already working on it and should have an update out relatively shortly that specifically addresses it. I don’t have a firm ETA but I am very relieved that this is being fixed and we should have a resolution soon.


I think this fix will address the issue, I haven’t tested it just yet: