SketchUp 2021 was used to model & animate this stylized environment

Hi, my name is Rafael Rivera and apart from developing SketchUp extensions, I want to also start making games. Here is me exploring possible art style for the game.

I used Fredo’s Animator SketchUp plugin for animating this stylized environment. The only thing made in post-production was the fire which I used Pixel FX Designer. I then used ScreenFlow 8 to capture my SketchUp screen and exported the final edit with sound & music. The music is titled ‘Scared Happy’ and was composed by myself as well.

Everything is modeled with Quads so I used Thomthom’s Vertex Tools 2 and SubD. Also, used Artisan by mind.sight.studios to smooth selection a lot.
More extensions were used but I’ll share them another day.

Everything is colored with SketchUp color material with no textures.

Hope everyone enjoys my animation with SketchUp!

#sketchup #animation #animator


It is beautiful. I really like it.

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