Sketchup 2019 Layers Tray - Allow more customizability for ease of use


I think you need to read up on how layers work in SU.


Can you explain more why it would be wrong to draw directly into a layer? Having the raw geometry inside the layer hasn’t hindered my work, yet. What problems would I run into?


Thanks. Can you be more specific?

For clarity my usage here is to place labels. I have 147 in one model. Keeping everything drawn on Layer0 and then changing each component to my desired layer seems to take far more time


Layers don’t provide any separation in SketchUp. They are only used to control visibility. Separation is created by the use of groups and components. Following the rules of leaving Layer 0 active, creating and leaving all geometry on Layer 0 means, for one thing, that you never have to chase the active layer. So you don’t even need that pencil icon. Leave it on Layer 0 and forget about it.



Having to tell people to draw in Layer 0 only seems to be a daily occurrence. I’m all for giving people the right to work the way they want (even if inadvisable) but you do wonder why SU makes it possible to work the wrong way quite so easily. As a default, wouldn’t it be better to make it possible but difficult for people to draw in other layers?


You didn’t mention that originally, text and dimensions etc (non geometry) are just about the only reason when it is appropriate to change the active layer.
There was a similar thread a few days ago that showed historic usage wasn’t always perfect.


Good thread. It makes sense from building shapes but yes, my current workload where I noticed this SU2019 difference is in making many, many labels.

I have run across the chasing active layer before but it is rare, at least in what I do.


I think if Sketchup wanted to shun this behavior of drawing in other Layers than they would do just that. It actually seems to be that way with this update - it is much more difficult from a muscle memory perspective to draw in another Layer.


Yes, putting the crayon column at the end demotes it, I guess. I had in mind something like this unless there was a more elegant solution.


My “Story”:

When I first saw the new layer panel, I read Layer0 is a Default. Yes, sure. Since this is the only one…
Let’s add one more. Layer1 is Default too. What?
Ohh man, NOT! The dashes pattern for the layer are set to Default.
Okay. Then what is the “Default” means?
Can it be the pattern defauld value differend than solid (continious)? Let’s check the styles.
No, no. You can’t change the default pattern there. But you can chose if the line which is dashed will looks like dashed or not. Wow. Smart!
Then where can I see or change the default pattern? Can I?
If not why not just shows like _____?

Happy dash in! (?) :grinning:


moving or removing the ‘draw on layer’ radio button has been high on most Sages wish list long before SU dreamt up adding Dashes in that panel…

personally I was hoping for it to be made a ‘Right Click’ context menu item, so even less people find it…

I think they took the opportunity of a make over only because they were adding ‘Dashes’…

I made the ‘dashes’ column half width for my mac…



How did you do that?


The word Default is under the column entitled Dashes and means a continuous line. I guess most people will figure that out pretty quickly. But why it doesn’t just have a continuous line is a mystery. It would be more WYSIWYG.


I modified the ‘mac’ only .nib file to increase the Name field and reduce the Dashes field…


no disrespect, but having read many of your post, it’s likely above your pay grade…

I’ll PM you a .rbz [ when I make one ] on the condition you don’t post it publicly or share it around…

my modifying .nib files is ‘known’ and ‘tolerated’ ,but I have a self imposed condition of not making them ‘publicly downloadable’…



John, it’s defo above my pay grade! I agree not to post or share anything you send me privately.


Have you not heard of the Bevans method?


yes and it’s origin is, in fact, less dubious than the ‘Dave’ method… :kangaroo:



“less dubious” maybe, but I think that the proper term is the “Evans Method”, is that not so Simon ?


We Yanks tend to be culturally challenged by folks with multiple middle names, right Simon C Bevans?


If the kangaroo is there to suggest I’m to blame you should be using an Imperial Eagle for the true nationality of the coiner.