Sketchup 2019 Feature Requests

Compact UI (single window UI);
Magic mouse and magic trackpad support.

I’m really waiting/hoping for these since years, I’m not joking, at least since 2011.
Every other mac software, of any kind, has these features nowadays. I don’t understand why sketchup hasn’t.
I love the company and the software, I will continue to be a sketchup user and fan, but I’m really disappointed about this. :slight_smile:

a couple of the simple ones that aren’t reliant on Apple…

use Truncate >> Middle for textfields containing paths…

release input boxes on ‘enter/return’ so we don’t have so many things assigned to layer ‘m’…

add a split pane to Ruby Console for multiline input…



Drag and drop to sort animation scenes. This is really needed too.


Second this! Scene organization in folders would be great. Think existing vs.proposed in architecture. Having to scroll through 45 scene names isn’t ideal.


I also agree about line weights and type. If I want to show existing walls that are to be demolished in layout (normally a dotted line type) I would have to trace or explode/vectorize in layout. Either option would then not reflect/update from future model changes.


How do you want to use your Magic Mouse in SketchUp? Are you looking for multitouch gestures to control pan and zoom in the model view? Or have you got something else in mind?

…or components named ‘m’. I wish I had a nickle for every four letter word I’ve uttered doing that.


In LO you can only set line weights and stipple to new lines drawn on top of the viewport, not to the model itself, unless you explode the viewport and kill the connection to the 3D model. Even then you’d have to style each line individually as opposed to use the power of SketchUp’s component system to re-use elements.


I’m not using one anymore, but I used to use the magic mouse for all of my SU and LO work. I used a preference pane called magicprefs which is no longer being updated. It might still work for you, or not. It added the ability to place a middle click on the mouse, among other things. Apple most likely broke some of the functionality with library changes, based on the info on the website.

Now I use a 3d navigator with a regular mouse because it’s significantly faster.

SU-PRO-2018 UI…the dark-side…:scream:

Well not too scary…just thought an option for this would be sorted by now, just like the WINDOWS PC theme & MS-software, ADOBE-READER has it as well.

SU must be too saintly I guess…:innocent:

Over & out

I was simply thinking about:

Magic Mouse: right click+hold+moving the mouse = orbit (just like a middle button).
Magic Trackpad: pinch gesture = zoom,
two fingers tap+hold+moving fingers = orbit.

Try Rhinoceros for Mac, they have these gestures-commands and work really user friendly.

Please, don’t wait for the next SketchUp major release for these.

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It’s an imperfect solution, doesn’t always work as expected. I used it too, but it’s time to fix and fit SketchUp UX to the “new” (2009) hardware or input devices.

I did try it, and couldn’t figure out how to pop a context menu without plugging in a three-button mouse :wink: But I appreciate the suggestions for multitouch gestural control for Orbit and Zoom.

“Single” Right click = context menu;
Right click and hold+moving the mouse = orbit

It’s much better than the actual SketchUp with Magic Mouse, that is:
Ctrl+cmd+left click and hold+moving the mouse = orbit
Isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Finally take the time to actually write a materials editor on Mac instead of just patching the system Color Chooser! We get tired of having to explain the arbitrary differences between the Windows and Mac versions to users!


Wow - so many requests so quick

Firstly though THANK YOU SKETCHUP GUYS FOR 2018 :slight_smile:

A great Start and honest to the essence of SU in keeping it simple!

Only one suggestion - please bring the LO interface and user actions closer to SU’s great interface [ eg rotate , move, distance etc methodologies same as SU]


THIS!!! My single greatest daily frustration is that SU transgresses this simple, forever UI convention — which applies to every other software I use on the Mac.

The other one is the ridiculous and convoluted logic for SAVE file paths, which sprays newly saved files all over my system… instead of in the same folder that the originating file came from. (once again breaking the convention of EVERY other MacOS software)

jbacus — I’m honestly curious whether your team simply hasn’t got around to these (seemingly) simple fixes, or if you think there’s a compelling reason for these things to remain the way they are? Because it seems to me, if you’re going to break standard OS UI conventions, shouldn’t there be a ■■■■ good reason to do so?!

I, for the life of me, can’t figure out why anyone would prefer these to things to work the way they currently do… please, please, please fix!!


already rolling :wink:

These are all for Layout specifically

  1. Ability to properly copy and paste tables into LayOut on PC (this would be a BIG help)
  2. Fix it so that text boxes on PC don’t have the the big flag off the side, this creates big headaches when we move drawings between PC and Mac in my office
  3. A tool that automatically erases overlapping lines and groups items together (for grouping plant icons in landscape design drawings, Dynascape has a tool that does that and I miss it!)

I fully second this. Like so many Mac users I keep getting components with definition names consisting of one or two spaces, one or two mms, s’s, or other single letter SU command shortcuts.

Why on earth have you let this REALLY IRRITATING behaviour persist for years now? Is it that hard to fix?

Please take time to fix long standing bugs before adding new features.