SketchUp 2016 API version 4.0 SDK C/C++

I need sketchup 2016 api version 4.0 sdk c/c++ for integration in one of the CAD application that is already using sketchup. kindly provide me wit h the link.


Here are the SDKs back to version 2015. That said, why are you interested in this SDK? If you use it I don’t think your software can read SketchUp files newer than from SU 2016, which by this point is quite ancient.

Thank you very much @eneroth3. Actually I currently have sketchUP 2015 in my code. I have updated it to 2020 which has caused it to not function properly. Hence I will now update it version by version in increments.

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The .rar file for the Sketchup SDK 2017 is corrupt. It displays the error message on extracting “the archive is corrupt”. Can you help me providing the correct 2017 sdk?


@ChrisFullmer, @tt_su, maybe you can help here?

The .zip does seem to be corrupt. Short term you can try 7z to extract the archive - I find it is more tolerant than other programs.

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