WIN32 define in latest SDK


I downloaded the latest SDK (SDK_Win_17-0-18899_0) today and the first thing I noticed is I got a bunch compile errors because I didn’t have WIN32 defined. Is there a particular reason you’re looking for WIN32 instead of _WIN32 or _WIN64? (Predefined macros | Microsoft Learn) Especially when you’re 64 bit only. I know how to work around this, just curious.

You also may want to change your comment in common.h from SU_NO_DEPRICATE_WARNINGS to SU_SUPPRESS_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS to reflect what you’re really paying attention to.



I just downloaded the same SDK. I couldn’t find the 32 bit version of the SDK for windows? Is there any link, where I can get it?

Thanks in advance!

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SketchUp has decided to discontinue the 32-bit version of the SDK along with the 32-bit version of SketchUp with the release of version 2017.

Thanks for the fast answer!


Since the lack of 32 bit support in sketch up 17 along with its new graphics pipeline has left some people unable to upgrade, maybe sketch up should provide a utility to convert sketch up 17 files to older versions.

I’d find that helpful - at least one colleague can’t run 2017 on his computer and it’s a pain to try to remember to export to 2016 for him, especially as you still can’t set it as a default for file saving.

How can I get SDK package? I have sent download request from sketchup developer, and the email tell me they will process my application within 1-2 weeks, but I just get nothing after waiting a month.
can you send me a download link?