SketchUp 2015 Pro

i installed windows 10 today on an older computer and then installed sketchup make 2017. however, 2017 version won’t work on this older pre-2013 computer. so i installed sketchup pro 2015 since there wasn’t a link for sketchup make 2015. pro 2015 which runs fine on the computer.

i don’t need the professional version since i am an occasional user that uses it for personal projects. will the 2015 pro version revert to 2015 make after a while?


You can find official downloads for older versions of Make here:

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and the non-ENglish versions of Make 2016 here.

great. thanks. but will pro version revert to make automatically?

No, generally not.
Make starts with a Pro trial then reverts to Make.
Pro works for the period of the trial then needs a license.

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ok. thanks.

thanks much for the links.