Sketchup 14 Download Links

Looking for a download link for Sketchup 14 as mine was written over and my license doesnt extend to later versions.

You can get SketchUp 2014 Pro here:

Keep in mind that web services like the 3D Warehouse and Extension Warehouse haven’t supported that version for a very long time. There may also be security issues due to the unussported browsers.

Why does your profile say you are using 2017 if 2014 is what you are using? Please correct that.

Thanks DaveR . As my apps files were overwritten after an upgrade, I guessed that I was using 2017 so I used that. However following an enquiry as to my license info with SketchUp, I was told it was 2014 Sketchup that was licensed??
I tried to open a file with 2017 and the error message said it was saved using 19.0.684. so now I am really confused. It must have been 2019 but sketchup licence says 2014. Something does not add up.

I have to further investigate with Sketchup.

Where did you enquire about the license?

With Building Point Australia PL, the reseller which I am sure I bought the later version off.

They should be able to provide you with the license for 2019, then.