2018 Sketch up pro and I cannot get plugin to display cabinet resizing template. This is not a good problem for me to solve. I am not a tech person spent most of my life building and installing cabinets not spinning them and resizing on a screen.

Contact the authors for help. Or maybe you could find the answer in their Help section.

Is still in business? When I goto their website they list the plugin, but nothing appears to have been updated in 2018. When I try to ‘Try’ or ‘Buy’ the plugin, I get this message, “We are sorry, at this point we do not accept any more registrations.”

It ‘sounds’ like they either went out of business or are no longer developing the plugin. Does anyone know anything about them?

I hadn’t heard of it before, but it seems to be still developed and still working. They have a new system, and it may be you found a link to the old system. What do you see on this page?: