Single seater made in sketchup 2016+ thea render

hello i am 16 years old dominican teenager…so, you won’t believe me. this is the proyect that me and my brother started in the 2016, first i made the blueprints in a sheet of paper with my brother my uncle and my father in sketchup 2016, an then it turned to reality by using sketchup, i am basically the youngest automotive designer ever at modelling… and i have like 7 or 8 years using all the sketchup softwares, and i also know how to design in other design softwares, so i wanted to share this with you guys. this is called the Luda 600R. you can check photos of the real car in instagram :smile:

by the way the car is the orange one…the other one is a concept. :slightly_smiling_face:

ig @Luishilariolj123

Luda RTP8 sponsors-Scene 1


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