SimLAB 3D PDF Security Message


I have tried to download the SimLAB 3D PDF Extension to export 3D PDFs, but I get the following message:

“This Extension will have the ability to access the filesystem on your computer. Do not grant access to this lightly; be sure you trust the author.”

This is only the trial version of the extension, but I want to make sure it is safe and actually worth buying. What all does this message entail? Will it access anything outside of the folder structure that it is in?

This is the first extension I have tried to download, so maybe this message pops up every time.


That message does pop up every time you install an extension with the Extension Warehouse, Install Extension or the SCF Plugin Store. The extension should be safe but it’s up to you to decide whether you want to install it.

Okay thanks! I will try it and see.

to add:

To make the PDF that you want, the Extension needs to be able it to write to your filesystem…

Most operating system require you to authorise this ability, and giving a scary message is to make sure you realise what it needs to do…

If you downloaded it from some ‘dodgy’ site, then they may have added a hidden ability to send your bank details, etc… to someone who wishes to rob you…

so, the primary reason for the message is to say “We warned you, we’re off the hook…”