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What are the SimLab response times when purchasing an upgrade? 3 days after the purchase I have not received the license, and they don’t reply to any of my emails. They seem mediocre to me, if not dishonest.

He already answered this …

Yes. Tryed 3-4 times in 3 days. And none answer.

stay calm and check the spam folder of your email app first, try and/or to contact them second.

They are definitely not dishonest but a small company which might lead to some personal down times.

I am having the same issues with SimLab-Soft support… email responses are about a day apart… I haven’t been able to use the software for a couple of years because I’ve given up so many times trying to make it work, no clear cut instructions to fix my issues. Most of the time, all they want is for you to upgrade their $oftware. So, I’m looking for a 3D PDF Exporter that works from SketchUp, that’s all I really want. Any suggestions?

why not simply give the free SimLab 3D PDF exporter trial version (max. 30x times and 2 weeks) a try… lot’s of users already… no alternative avail.

This one still seems to exist (from the Irender Nxt people):


that would be perfect if you could use it for more than 30 times or 2 weeks… I own SimLab-Soft Composer 8 for SketchUp 2018, which doesn’t seem to work anymore.

system requirements not adhered (OS)?

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