Silent Install - Agree to License Agreement

Is there anyway to be able to create a silent install that agrees to the license agreement.

I can push out the installation without any problems to my machines but I haven´t find a way to accept the license agreement and since I have to agree to that on a lot of machines it´s not really silent…

If there´s an way to accept that using the MSI-file that would be great.


Jim Berg
Dont Panic with IT AB

I understand that there are third-party tools that can manage this, but SketchUp itself has no built-in installer creator (like the one for Autodesk applications).

the EULA during the installation process or launching SketchUp?

If the latter you can set the according registry key to “1” (= true) e.g. by executing an appropriate REG file:

HKCU > Software > SketchUp > SketchUp 2017 > Common > AcceptedEULA

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