Show Selected Component in Components Panel

Once a component is selected in the model, is there a way to jump to that component in the Components Panel? Helpful to get Description Info, see Thumbnail, Drag Copy to another Collection…

You can get all information in the Get Info Panel.

The components are sorted alphanumerically in the Components Panel.

I agree that showing a selected component in the Component Panel would be useful at some times. Maybe a toggle could be added in the Component Panel to choose between “Show sorted” or “Show selected”.

And, probably, this toggle would not be visible if more than one component are selected.

Thank you, but I don’t see the component Description or Properties in the Entity Info Panel (windows)?

If you click on the small black triangle at the bottom right of the Entity Info window, you expand this widow to get more informations.


‘Description’ seems available only in the Components Panel. Is it hiding somewhere in the ‘Entity Info’ Panel and I’m just not seeing it?

It is not in Entity Info. “Description” is a property of the component definition and cannot be changed for a component instance.

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You can get some infos from the Components panel.




Thanks. I was just curious if there is a way to bring up the Component ‘Description’ within the Entity Info Panel. As the OP pointed out, selecting a component in the model does not highlight that component in the Components Panel, so some scrolling is required to find this information.

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