Entity data hidden

On Mac, have model with several components. Entity window showing info as I clicked component. Then I clicked the “hide” toggle, which hid all the entity info. The info window only says “No Selection” and “Advanced Attributes”. No response to click anywhere in the window (except to close it). Tried “Unhide All”. Closed and reopened app. Opened different file; entity info showed briefly, then disappeared. Now it’s blank for every file I open. How the heck do I restore entity data?

hello, entity info dialog is showing something only if an item is selected : it can be an edge, a group, a component… anything !. If you chose to hide the current selected object, obviously it won’t be selected anymore ! therefore the entity info dialog will be blank or saying “no selection”

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Nothing is hidden except the info. Components are selected in the Components window.

Choose Edit->Unhide All to reverse the hide, or choose View->Hidden Objects and View->Hidden Geometry to make them visible as hatched faces and dashed liines. Then you can select them again to see their entity info.

We may have a communication problem. Please attach a screenshot of what you mean by the info is hidden. Below are some guesses.

Do you mean that the entity info window has closed? If so reopen it.

Do you mean the entity info window is open but says “No Selection”? If so, you must select something, and you can only select non-hidden entities.

Do you mean that when you select a component in the Components window, Entity Info still says “No Selection”? If so, that’s because things in the Components window are like templates waiting for you to select one and place it in the model. Until one is actually placed in the model and selected, Entity Info won’t show its data.

Finally, as a wild stab, do you mean that the Measurements window at the bottom of the screen clears after you draw something? If so, that is normal behavior. It only shows dimensions for the thing you are currently drawing.

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Sorry, it’s OK. I thought I was selecting by clicking in the Components box. Instead, I had clicked off the model. When I select on the model it’s OK. Thanks.