Show me your shop drawings

Thank you.

I have just one SketchUp model file for this. Using multiple SketchUp files would make keeping everything organized a whole lot more difficult. The model space is set out like this.

I have tags set up based on the components. Not a separate tag for each component. So all of the drawer parts are given the same tag, the legs are given another tag, the top frame components are given another tag.

The components floating above the table are displayed in a single scene. The drawer components above the exploded view are shown in another scene although I could have added them to the other scene. The scene showing the parts of the table is used multiple times in the LO document. 26 times on the first sheet alone. I just drag the edges of the viewports to crop out what I don’t want to show.

Some users would create separate tags for the parts in the exploded or 2D views but I find that a PIA to manage. All of the legs, for example have the same tag. Especially now with the ability to control tag visibility by viewport in LayOut, I find I can get by with relatively few scenes in the SketchUp model.

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A couple of drawings made for a house I designed.


Model the exact same way Dave. Given your expertise, that actually makes me feel good today.

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I’m glad that helped. And thank you.

Here are some (dated) samples. Detail drawn is based on the clients… some of my work goes from my email right into a timber specific design / engineering package and gets CNC machined, some of it gets layout done by hand… some clients I send over a model, some I do nearly every stick piece by piece.


The timber frame drawings are awe inspiring. Complex work clearly shown.

I am attaching some pdfs of some renovations and additions to a house in Pleasantville, NY. Just finished this spring.
40 Weskora tails Study Porch Columns.pdf (1.3 MB)
A.13 40 Weskora Construction Details.pdf (4.4 MB)


LEGO inspired assembly drawings for Legend of Zelda themed doghouse I just finished!


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