SharePoint Online and OneDrive Support

Please add Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online file viewer support for SketchUp files’ thumbnails and previews. I imagine this might take some collaboration with Microsoft to add to the SharePoint Online and OneDrive file viewer but perhaps not. I know Adobe has added integrations with their file types, as well has Autodesk and over 300 others, so I don’t think this is too much of an ask as it is an exceptionally popular cloud storage service with incredibly diverse file support.

For more info on OneDrive / SharePoint Online File Viewers:

Adding .skp file support would resolve the present issue that currently whenever Sketchup files are saved to OneDrive synced folders on a computer, the SketchUp generated thumbnails are lost even though they were there originally. I imagine this goes back to having built-in OneDrive and SharePoint Online File Viewer support being a necessity for the thumbnails to persist a sync and to view the thumbnails online.

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