Shared Custom Material Library

I work at a company that has multiple SketchUp users who all use the same custom material folder located on our shared company server. The problem with this is everytime we import a texture from windows explorer to SketchUp we have to resize the texture to be the correct scale. I want to create a custom material library within SketchUp that will have all the materials in folders by type and at the correct scale. Does anyone have ideas how I can do this in a good way where it could automatically update across users if I add new materials in the SketchUp library.

In SketchUp itself , when you create the material there is a scale option - if you set this then right click and save the material, this will create a .skm file.
This contains all of the sketchup specific things such as the scale and will make it portable.

Those can be stored in a shared folder and SketchUp can have a material collection point at this.