Shared Company Resources - Best Practices?

Hi All -

My company uses shared licenses available for users to check out. Those licenses seem to operate independently of the logins that users create to manage their extension + 3d warehouses.

If we purchase an extension, is there any way to share that extension in a similar way as the Sketchup Pro license?

Theoretically, if we only have one shared license in the office that is being used by different machines, the use of purchased extensions should travel with that Sketchup Pro license. Is there a way to enable this? Does everyone need to use the same company login for the Extension Warehouse?

Thank you for your help, I couldn’t seem to find an answer here or elsewhere.

I think Extension Warehouse’s extension licenses are per machine (Mac address) and in no way connected to the main SketchUp license but I could be wrong. Extensions using other licensing can work differently.

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That is correct. We don’t have a shared license model for any extensions in the Extension Warehouse. It’s a great idea, I’ll make sure and pass it along to that team to see what they can do with it.


Thank you both for clearing this up for me. I will keep an eye out for future updates.