Shape Bender taking too long

Hi. I am having trouble bending a wall into an organic shape. I can click everything fine but it keeps processing and never finishes… Can someone help me?

What is the shape of the wall, what is the form of that ‘‘organic shape’’? How many edges does it contain?

I have an organic wall and need to turn the perfurated pannel into the form of the wall… I am using the 2023pro version

That’s an awful lot of geometry to be processed… You could simplify the geometry so there’s not so much to deal with.

What is the graphics card in your computer? You put “2023 pro” as the answer in your profile but that isn’t a graphics card model.

where do I check that?

Where do you check what?

the graphics card model

Look in the System Information for the computer.

is that it?

Yes. And hopefully you have the Nvidia card set up to display SketchUp.

Put that in your profile.

I do. still cant do it… dont know how to simplify the model once I need oll the pebbles and holes in the pannel…

Use an extension like Skimp to reduce the number of segments in the curves so there’s less geometry for SketchUp to process.

Looking at your image there are so many problems with the concept of the geometry that it isn’t worth the effort to bend it.
Possibly least of which is, Your pebbles aren’t in contact with each other so you would end up with multiple shapes hanging in mid air.

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A faster and probably better way to show this would be to create a texture of the flat wall and apply it to a surface. As Box points out, your pebbles are all floating. How would that work in reality?

Cant use texture as I need light behind the pannel… in real life the pebbles would touch each other and the empty space would be less…

You can make a texture with transparency.

If you absolutely have to use the geometry the way you have it, you’ll need to wait for Shape Bender to do its thing.

Imagem do WhatsApp de 2023-12-05 à(s) 20.49.11_4298d200
That is what I need to do, a steel pannel were the light will go trough the holes… in the shape of the organic wall…

I’ve found a higher quality version and made the white parts transparent in Photoshop.
if you download this and apply it as a texture in SketchUp, it will let light through

Pebbles Decorative Screens | Entanglements


Thank you!! I’ll give it a try!