Shape Bender Alternative

Hi can you please help me i have been learning a few things lately and i wanted to make a rectangle (little bit curved) table base .and i use the shape bender tool but does not apply in a closed surface like the circle and all.Can you please tell me the alternative for shape bender that bends all the surfaces.

I wanted to make the panels like this

Hello, What if you bend it over half a circle and mirror it ?
You could also make a component and copy with center point over 360°

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What part of that table are you needing to bend? I’m not seeing anything I would use Shape Bender for on that piece.

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Here is my take on the table legs, no bend tool, just work it out in 2d and pushpull.

And I know someone will probably come with an alternative, an extension, a more efficient way but hell, I’m lazy, and it took me what, 5 min? i’m ok wit that :slight_smile:


I like to use Truebend.

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Another option without any extensions. Just Move/Copy and Rotate/Copy.

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The panels.I’m new maybe i got it wrong i looked at youtube and i saw someone making it with a shape bender and i tried it too hihi

Wow can you please tell me what did you do to make those panels

I drew a half circle and extruded it to make a slat which I made into a component and then I used Move/Copy and Rotate/Copy to make the additional slats.

Great Thanks.How do you make the slate i am super new is it by using an arc

Thank you so much

I used the Pie tool to make a semicircle.

You should spend some time going through the educational materials at and the Square One videos on the SketchUp YouTube channel.

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Yes But my question was i know how to make the base like the circle and the other one ,I dont know how to make the panels.

Add multiple images

After creating the base shape (half-circle or whatever), then use the Push Pull tool to extrude the 2D base shape into a 3D object. Then select all of the 3D extrusion geometry (e.g., by triple-clicking on one of the faces or surfaces) and make it a Component. Then use the Move/Copy or Rotate/Copy tools to replicate it to form the overall pedestal.

Sorry to interrupt but i need to make this today I got the slat correct but how did you put it on the round/circle shapes .I can get it only in a straight line .How did you get it done in the shape you want

you only get it in a straight line because you use the move tool.

Try EXACTLY the same process (pressing the key to make copies & all) but with the rotate tool.
Rotate and move work the same, they rotate and move, but they can also make copies, and multiply them.

That’s how we did copies along a circle.


Got it .Thanks alot.I did it🥰

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