How to modeling this Table

Hi there,
how i can turn around the table the extrude graphic that i have create
Thank you

You might use Shape Bender which is available in the Extension Warehouse. What exactly do you mean by “the extrude graphic that i have create”?

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thank you DaveR for your reactivity,
so i mean when first i create my pattern and in the second i extrude them i don’t know in the next how to make it around the table!

As I suggested, then, Shape Bender. Here’s a quick example. The pattern is a component aligned with the red axis. There’s a straight line parallel to the red axis and the curve to bend the shape to. Select the component, activate the tool, follow the on screen prompts to select the line and then the curve and hit Enter. Read the usage instructions at the Extension Warehouse when you install it.

Since your table is symmetrical end to end, you can make one half of it with Shape Bender and copy the bent half to make the other half.

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You could also do a combination of linear and radial arrays.


Yeeees :wink: thank you so muuuuuuch DaveR