Shadows and Cardinal directions

My house and garden plan is a geolocated sketch up model. To have valid shadows, I have to adjust the axes regarding the real cardinal directions. No matter how I change them, it doesn’t have effect to the shadows. What am I doing wrong?

Kert_terv_20210516.skp (1.3 MB)

You’re expecting the axes to have an impact on shadow direction. They don’t. You can rotate the model or you can use the Solar North plugin from the Extension Warehouse to change the direction of north without rotating the model.

Here I’ve corrected the axis orientation and set Solar North using the plugin. the orange line points to solar north.

On another topic, it would be a good idea to get into using groups and components in your modeling and to make sure face orientation is correct. As it is your model is nearly all just loose geometry.

Thanks a lot for your help. I appreciate it :slight_smile:


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