Cardinal north does not change when axes are rotated

I am trying to cast real-world shadows in Sketchup but the software does not respond the way I understand the documentation.

(1) I have manually set geo-location for my town in Australia
(2) I set the date as 22 June and time 12 noon to produce shadows from the north
(3) UTC + 10 for Eastern Australia - irrelevant anyway for shadows.
(4) The shadows are cast correctly for default axes position.

If I rotate the axes 45 degrees the shadows do not change even though the
documentation says the green axis by definition is always cardinal

What am I misunderstanding?

The default green axis direction is aligned with the default north but changing the axis orientation has no impact on the north angle.

The ground plane and standard views are also fixed and not affected by the axis orientation.

Thanks very much DaveR. The Sketchup documentation does not make this clear.
I will rotate my model accordingly. Cheers, Burgess

You’re quite welcome.

There is a plugin in the Extension Warehouse that allows you to change the solar north angle however if you are geolocating your model, you won’t want to change it from the way it is.